Speed Dating’s Got Nothin’ on Speed Tasting!

At the 2016 Wine Bloggers Conference in Lodi, California we had our first experience with speed tasting. It was a wild ride! Participants were seated at tables for six while winery representatives rotated to each table describing, pouring, and answering questions of the bloggers.

It was a challenge for us newbies to do even a cursory evaluation of what we were sipping and tweet at the same time. Each winery was given only five minutes per table. Yikes! It was stressful but fun just the same.

The tight quarters at our tables made it difficult to manage the marketing materials we were handed (although we greatly appreciated them!), the wine glasses that littered the table, and everyone’s blogging devices. Hopefully next year the tables are a bit roomier, and we’ll personally be better prepared for the event.

All in all, speed tasting was great fun and could make for an entertaining party game with family and friends. Thanks Wine Bloggers Conference for another first!